Mahaboobnagar’s Kadtal village was until yesterday popular for a huge pyramid erected by Pyramid Meditation organisation run by Subhash Patriji. A meditation festival has also been happening over the last ten days attracting thousands of people from across the world.
Now, the same venue has also become controversial with a number of allegations being leveled against Subhash Patriji, the founder of the pyramid meditation group, and the entire mega pyramid venture itself. These allegations primarily concern Subhash Patriji’s behavior with women and also the existence of a larger real estate conspiracy behind construction of the Pyramid.
Kadtal village, which is only a half hour drive from Hyderabad’s Shamshabad airport has been transformed from an obscure little village to the seat of an emerging spiritual center in less than a few months. What is interesting to note is that this transformation which has been brought about by Subhash Patriji has turned a gold mine for real estate business men who now sell plots and apartments around the Pyramid. Interestingly, a number of these players are also members of the spiritual groups organizing trust.
Subhash Patriji hugging women while even refusing to shake hands with men, using women for personal massages etc has also come into focus. While there has been no complaint filed against him, his behavior as seen in video footage of the event has been extremely suspicious. Today, the pyramid groups representatives have begun to speak out against this negative portrayal and and are attempting to counter the allegations point by point.
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